Water & Trees


Laurie Hendricks' latest show is called Water & Trees and focuses on the earth and its abundant beauty. Hendricks is a California artist who grew up surrounded by painters, potters, and writers.  Always drawn to nature, her plein air painting allows her the freedom to paint outdoors in beautiful places.  “In San Francisco I was an actress, and when I moved to Los Angeles, I started painting between jobs and transferred my emotions and feelings from the stage to the canvas,” she says.

Hendricks paints in Plein Air events such as the Carmel Festival, and the Telluride Plein Air.  She is a member of the California Art Club and American Impressionist Society.  She has also owned the Laurie Hendricks Gallery in South Pasadena for five years, which also shows works of other artists

Water & Trees is on now and will run until September 20th, 2016.