Joe Carrion

I'm a Los Angeles artist currently living in South Pasadena. Although I grew up in Southern California, I have a thing about the Redwoods and Northern California. When it came time to pick a College, I chose one up North. I received a B.F.A. with an emphasis in Studio Art from Humboldt State University. While living in Arcata I participated in several group and solo shows, before returning to Southern California. I was a member of a cooperative art gallery called Hello Artichoke. Since then I have continued to participate in many juried, group, and solo shows around Southern California. Besides painting in my home studio, I spend my time gardening and trying to keep my three dogs from digging it up! Currently, I'm co-owner of Zinnia Classes. The classes help promote the arts and crafts within the community, something I think we need all over. If a home reflects who a person is, you would think I was absolutely batty. You should see all the crazy collections around our house! We tend to collect a lot of different things, which all just happens to work together! I'm lucky that I live in a beautiful home, in a wonderful city, with my partner of 19 years, our three dogs, Milo, Kelly & Olive, and our new cat, Addi. I am truly blessed.